A home is usually the biggest investment anyone makes. Most of us would not think twice about hiring a Professional Financial Planner to plan our retirement. Use that same good judgment by selecting a Quality Contractor when you plan your next home.

We always start the construction of a garage the same as your home. Not everyone has the same needs or wants their garage to look exactly like their neighbor's. We design the building to blend with your home and the area in your yard where it will be built. 

The building's shape, size, doors, windows are all planed the way you want them. We do not have just a few 'kits' to choose from. What you want is what you will get. 

We build pole buildings and wood frame garages with your choice of exterior finishing. Many people like maintainance free steel clad siding and roofs or combinations of both wood and steel exteriors.orking with each homeowner to build a true and realistic budget, and keeping the budget in line is a high priority. Let us help you design and build your new dream home. We provide a high level of communication skills, before, during and after the construction of your project.

The interior of your garage will also be finished with your needs in mind. The garage featured in the slide show to your right has the attic truss area of the garage finished off. Walk up the stairs into a cozy mother-in-law apartment. 

Do you need a heated shop area or a finished off storage area? Do you just need a place for your car? Do you want a door opener or more lighting? 

We will sit down and listen to your needs and offer our suggestions when we start planning your new garage, shop or storage building. When it is finished it will be what you need and want.